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Little Saigon San Diego Foundation

Job Posting

Little Saigon San Diego Foundation is seeking a few high-caliber individuals to coordinate a Community Needs Assessment Survey. The survey will gather input from community members in order to facilitate the creation of appropriate services “designed by the community for the community”.

PAID Short-term Vietnamese Community Organizing

PAID Short-term PT/FT Vietnamese Community Organizing for Community Needs Assessment Survey

Job Description

The LITTLE SAIGON FOUNDATION OF SAN DIEGO is looking for a few high caliber Vietnamese individuals with strong organizational leadership experience to coordinate several community service and outreach projects for the Fall of 2013.

Position: Community Organizer

Term: October – March, 2014 (projects may extend beyond this term)

Pay: $1,500 to $4,000 depending on experience, merit, actual work load.


• *Fully Bi-lingual in English/Vietnamese: Read/Write/Speak both languages (*please do not apply if you do not have this language requirement. Thank you)

• Leadership Experience in Community or Student Organizations.

• Able to recruit, manage volunteers

• Great writing and verbal communication skills

• Work well with people

• Outgoing, adventurous, willing to dive into new experiences

• Goal-oriented and result-driven

• Access to reliable transportation

• Flexible hours including nights and weekends

• Comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

Individuals of the following disciplines are encouraged to apply: business management, law, social work, social justice, psychology, public health, ethnic studies, and other general social sciences.


Duties includes but are not limited to:

• Coordinate a Community Survey to address the needs of Residents, Business, and City Heights Youths

• Recruit and Manage volunteers

• Outreach and recruit community members to meetings

• Coordinate and facilitate Community Meetings

• Speak in front of community meetings

How to Apply

1. Send resume, cover letters, and leadership assessment (all documents in PDF format)

2. *Cover Letters: one in English, one in Vietnamese (500 words max for each).

3. Complete the Leadership Assessment by clicking here. (Scan to PDF and submit along with cover letters and resume)

o Approach Residents on the street to obtain survey responses

o Meet Business Owners in Little Saigon District to obtain survey responses

Little Saigon San Diego Foundation Job Posting

Contact Fax to: Email Inquiries to:

Frank Vuong (619) 599-0733


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