Upcoming fall and spring community events requires a positive, open-minded go-getter to support various online and print campaigns. This person must be highly organized, feel urgency with deadlines and event dates, and be open to contributing to growing real-world skill sets outside the text books. The candidate may have little or no experience, and will be fully mentored into an area of focus that serves his or her future career goals.

Here is some experience the candidate may have a focus on, or would like to work towards:

  • Market Research Coordinator- collect market data, estimate market size, consult local associations, read survey studies, provide user demographics for reporting
  • Communications Specialist – the wordsmith, creative writer, or those in training for Email Marketing or Blogging
  • Media Relations Coordinator – this person must love broadcast media, have a pulse on current news, and be very relationship oriented in order to succeed with Big Media.
  • Social Media Coordinator – Helps manage all social media accounts, brainstorm creative posts, and find viral content; provide location-based marketing and engage with live audiences at popular community events
  • Web/Interactive Designer – need for someone needing to expand their corporate portfolio and showcase more of their branding and user-based experiences.

Basic Requirements, Duties

  •  Spend 10-20 hours weekly to fulfill needs of the assigned marketing campaigns
  •  Take initiative to communicate and deliver your portion or support of the sales strategy which includes a mix of sponsorship, services and ticket sales goals
  •  Be fluent in Google-based products and managing projects online
  •  Have a valid driver’s license and own car (for tax/mileage purposes)
  •  Cell phone must be working, available for making local phone calls, and equipped for social media applications as needed
  •  International students OK to apply
  •  Support functions lìmited to the needs of our reputable partners including the Little Saigon Foundation (www.littlesaigonsandiego.org) and Three Treasures Cultural Arts Society (www.ttcas.org).

Internship Benefits

  •  Personal Development Plan facilitates life AND career goals
  •  Mentorship, Professional Connects — 1 hour per month with an working industry professional
  •  Job Training and Interview Preparation — match your ideal job description with solid skills
  •  Flexible work schedule (choose between 10 and 15 hours a week)
  •  Mobile meetings throughout San Diego (no stuffy offices unless required; cafepreneurs unite!)
  •  Association Referrals — begin networking in designated associations to build your social worth
  •  1 LinkedIn Recommendation
  •  1 Handwritten Recommendation Letter, Online Copy Provided
  •  Potential promotion to contractor or Assistant-level position

Send an email reply with the following:
1. In one sentence, your 1 year career goal. i.e. “At the end of 2013, I will be ________.”
2. Favorite motto or phrase
3. Completed LinkedIn profile, or attach Resume in PDF w/Contact information

Email Queena at healthy@convolabs.com or call 619-630-7086.

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