Business moves at lightning speed – are you keeping pace?

Let us manage your online presence and personality so you can focus on the more vital aspects of your business: strategy, relationships, exit planning, etc.

See how a dedicated marketing team can free your time so you don’t have to spend your brain power on the details. Our goal is to ramp up your brand value and offerings so you can take the reins back whenever you’re ready. We believe the owner is the life and blood of the business as it’s greatest brand champion. We at Convo Labs are the your marketing managers working hard so you can play ball.

  • Social Media Set-Up: determine the most effective avenues for engagement are set-up and linked properly. From design to development, we can help integrate your social media well across multiple channels.
  • Brand Management: How true is your social media to your brand? Are you conveying what is consistent to your company’s core offerings and value-added services? Let us help position your brand correctly in front of the right buyers.
  • Ongoing Content: Refreshing ideas and useful tips not only gain, it also keeps customers longer throughout their lifetime with your brand. Are you running out of specials, promotions or campaigns to give them?
  • Dual Monitoring: Keeping you informed of your growth and progress and helping you define your ideal customer. No messy or lengthy reports (unless you ask). How well are you measuring your customer engagement, and responding to their needs?

If you are having trouble acquiring leads with your blog, posting, or any social media strategy, let’s talk. Call 619-630-7086 or contact us to get started.