Common Good, a Conference Combining Social Innovation, Public Policy and Healthcare

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 The 4th Annual HTF Innovation Conference titled ‘Common Good’ will take a deeper look into health and wellness enhancements for the masses made possible through technology and the framing and implementation of key health policies. Discussions at the conference will revolve around next generation technology, the importance of compassion and innovation in care, best practices in public health, community resilience. Important use-cases demonstrating barriers that impede effective healthcare delivery will be examined.

May 27th – Snack, Coffee Service, and Reception.
May 28th – Breakfast, Snack, Coffee service, Lunch, and Reception.



Innovations for the

Focus on the innovations that are needed to improve the health and wellness of the global underserved—but in actuality will benefit all of us. Panel sessions will be staged during the conference covering the various aspects of technology and policy innovations that are aiding the pathway to achieve a good healthy life.


Unfavorable circumstances make all of us vulnerable. Adverse effects of famine, natural disasters, war, and infectious diseases such as Ebola affect all humans, as well as our fragile eco-system of flora and fauna. How do we handle these disastrous situations and learn collectively how to build communities and systems that protect us better?

Population Health

Care model analysis seeking to keep us inspired, motivated, and healthy with an ultimate goal of sustainability. A closer look will be given to innovative technologies that transform our health systems, making a positive difference.

Panel Topics:

  • Wireless Health Solutions for Low Resource Settings
  • Privacy, Safety, and Security Considerations for Mobile Data
  • Expand Health Tech Business in Europe
  • Resilient Communities and Systems for Adverse Events
  • Tech Innovation to Support Aging
  • CMIO Panel
  • VC Funding Landscape
  • Food and Nutrition for Children Health
  • Improving the Role of Patients
    • Influence of Consumerism & Technology On Employee Health and Benefits
    • The Sharing Economy in Healthcare

Spring Abundance, 3rd Annual San Diego Veg Festival on April 26, 2015



San Diego Veg Festival Team


3rd Annual San Diego Veg Festival comes to Point Loma to Celebrate a Spring Abundance

San Diego, California — The 3rd Annual San Diego Veg Festival takes place on Sunday, April 26th, 2015 from 10 AM to 5 PM held at the McMillin Company Event Center in NTC Point Loma Liberty Station. Appropriately themed as Celebrating a “Spring Abundance”, key figures (both local and from across the U.S.) from the veg-friendly, plant-based community will be featured to speak and demo at the event. Guest host Emily Valdez of Channel 10News will be in attendance. Speakers include Dr. Shawn Miller, D.C. (retired practitioner to wellness icons like David Wolfe, Patricia Bragg) and Dr. Saman Soheily, N.D. of Spark Health. Other featured speakers include Matt Ball of Vegfund, Sid Garza-Hillman of The Stanford Inn by the Sea Eco-Resort, Laura Chiraya Fox of Raw Pure Living Expo, Prana Gogia of Siddha Ayurveda, Chef Sarah Alam of San Diego Vibrant Eats, Jon Bockman of Animal Charity Evaluators, Rachelle Rodriguez of Arbonne International, and Yovana Mendoza of Rawvana. There are active body workshops such as “Body Self Awareness” from Patricia Maldonado from Centro Cultural de la Raza Balboa Park and “Stop, Drop and Yoga” from Lindsey May, Executive Director and Co-Creator & Dave Kemp, Music Director and Co-Creator of Plant Powered Kids.

Topics that will be covered include the newly released Dietary Guidelines, natural and plant-based beauty practices, raw vegan living, holistic health panel on plant-based eating, sustainable practices for raising vegan kids, ecological impacts of one’s diet, and the controversial legislation to ban Foie Gras sells from California Restaurants. There is live juicing demo contest and a film screening on the Foie Gras ban. In the days prior to the main event, San Diegans can enjoy free recipes, Meatless Mondays, 21-day Veg Challenge, and special events from other plant-based lifestyle supporters all over the county by following San Diego Veg Festival’s social media accounts. The San Diego Veg Festival aims to build a healthy community of conscious San Diegans in America’s Finest City through food education, active living, environmental sustainability, animal rights and holistic health practices.

A special VIP Meet and Greet Preview Celebration will take place on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 at the

Raw Vegan restaurant (run by former NFL-player Jacob Bell) called Sol Cal Café located at 910 J Street

in downtown, East Village. All the food samples and products passed out at the San Diego Veg Festival are veg-friendly. Tickets are $5 online, $10 at the door and children under the age of 12 are free. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. For more information, and to purchase tickets, please visit and to like the Facebook page go to

About San Diego Veg Festival

San Diego Veg Festival’s goal is to build a healthy and sustainable movement of conscious San Diegans.

We support a community and lifestyle of being compassionate, plant-based and earth-friendly. Whether

you are a first time or long time vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, flexitarian, locavorian, or curious foodie,

the festival is for everyone. Learn more at

Google and Compete Study: Hospital Selection Infographic

Over time you get sick. Find a remedy. Watch your symptoms, or endure through them. Go see a doctor if it worsens. Get medication. Watch again. And maybe get better. If the process were that concise, shouldn’t the steps to better health be as succinct for intervention?

Google and monitored their online audience for behaviors related to choosing a treatment center or care provider. In the course of monitoring keywords, search terms, clicks, page views, and other standard S.E.O. data of online users their teams found several trends in their Journey to Wellness. What they found revealed that their decisions  were not made in short, intermittent searches and more along the timeline of a strategic process towards better health. How users behave online is profoundly similar to the real world, where people make decisions and choices that are functional for their situation. Follow the steps in this infographic below, and see if your own journey to wellness follows what many others are doing online. Have you ever searched for medical information and care providers online? If so, how did you begin?

hospital-selection-infographicThere are many who have aging parents, urgent hospitalizations, helped a family member find a doctor, or asked a friend how their experience was. Often, one encounters this experience upon a dire, critical need such as death or major illness. In a frenzy and race against time, the scramble for information in a pinch can be overwhelming. Reading medical journals, webMD articles and reviews can add more stress and emotion during a difficult time. In this day, there is certainly an abundance of information about medicine to overwhelm – all which can be made easy and simple with clear direction and focus. Empowering yourself and your family with knowledge about healthcare, far in advance of when it is needed, allows one to make the right choice, at the right time. When was the last time you have gone through a crucial search for a provider that turned out well (or not)? Share your thoughts for an open discussion about the search process and what your outcomes were.

Health & Sustainability: The San Diego Veg Festival sprouts seeds of consciousness

It is my pleasure to begin a new relationship with one incredible individual, and I’m sure many more to come: Linda Le is the Executive Director of the volunteer-run collective for the San Diego Veg Festival. As a media sponsor, I am proud to be a voice for this wonderful movement in San Diego and share the excitement in public relations and local media. Convo Labs provides quality information to the community that is healthy, grounded in social etiquette, and pays forward the benefit of living a better life with positive-based marketing. We are thrilled to be one of many incredible companies who share similar goals of well-rounded wellness and sustainability in this journey. More news and updates will soon follow. Press release is below.


2nd Annual San Diego Veg Festival expands, celebrates the city’s growing movement of healthy food and conscious living

San Diego, Ca, — The 2nd Annual San Diego Veg Festival (SDVF) expands to a more accessible location, with the main event on Saturday November 9, 2013 from 10 AM to 5 PM held in North Park. There is a Veg Stage located at the hydroponics garden called Art Produce Garden (3139 University Avenue) and a Greensteading Stage at Casa de Luz (2920 University Avenue). There is a street festival component alongside Herman Avenue between University Avenue and North Park Way. The SDVF celebrates Veg awareness month in November with free recipes, Meatless Mondays, 30 day Veg Challenge, Fine Wine Wednesday giveaways and special events from supporters all over the county. In addition to the two stages of speakers a holistic exercises station, a sustainable succulents station, and more. The San Diego Veg Festival aims to build a healthy community of conscious San Diegans in America’s Finest City through food education, active living, environmental sustainability, animal rights and holistic health practices. Each of the 2 stages will feature over a dozen speakers who provide the latest insights and practical tips for living a well-rounded lifestyle.

NEW ADDITION: Tasty Bite specializing in Indian cuisine sponsors Live Cooking Competition to encourage consumer creativity on Saturday, November 9th 1:15-2:30 PM at Casa De Luz


Tasty Bite, a large scale domestic producer of fresh and readily edible pan-Asian foods distributed in large grocery chains like Henry’s, Whole Foods and Bristol Farms, sponsors an a fun new component of this year’s San Diego Veg Festival. Tasty Bite has many items all Veg-friends can make themselves, which require no cooking, have no preservatives, and require no refrigeration make it the nationally-distributed company the perfect partner for a live cooking competition. In a collective endeavor of celebrating all things Veg, the event will be one of many ways to educate San Diegans about various creative ways to conjure recipes that are fast and fun to make. The company also maintains high standards of manufacturing quality and sustainability as a well-rounded, conscious food company supporting the 2nd annual San Diego Veg Festival.

All attendees and ticket holders may compete in teams, and all ages can participate in the epicurean challenge. Prizes include gift certificates to on Saturday, November 9th at Casa De Luz from 1:15 to 2:30 PM, festival go-ers will get some new ideas on quick meals that are healthy and easy to create.

All the food samples and products passed out at the San Diego Veg Festival are veg-friendly. Tickets are $5 and children under the age of 10 are free. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. For more information, and to purchase tickets, please visit and to like the Facebook page go to



About San Diego Veg Festival 

San Diego Veg Festival’s goal is to build a healthy and sustainable movement of conscious San Diegans. We support a compassionate, plant-based, animal-friendly lifestyle. Whether you are a first time or long time vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, flexitarian, locavorian, or curious foodie, the festival is for everyone! It features 2 stages of speakers, live food demonstrations, tons of food samples, documentary screenings, a book store, recipe contest, children’s corner, a holistic exercise activities, an official post-festival brunch, and Greensteading component.