What many claim as a dying business, one woman determines to make her customers laugh in spite of it all. When Hallmark couldn’t say it right, Lexi Timmons decided to create her own expressions that would create laughter instead of frustration with your average store-bought note. Granted, in healthcare many professionals are faced with difficult, if not life-changing positions to educate and console clients.¬†Patients who are in pain or recovery need energy with deeper, more heartfelt impact than a template greeting card – they need laughter.

After conducting extensive research in the greeting card industry, Timmons found companies simply weren’t offering products with language that was suitable for patients. Given her experience in oncology and getting feedback from relatives, she was able to apply her ideas and continually test among her small groups. This, along with the perseverance to succeed, created a one-of-a-kind company developed out of true heart and creativity.



Read more about LumpyCards, greeting cards for cancer patients here.

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