In alignment with our values, we believe in an educated consumer of health products and services. The list is a simple collection of resources available to the public, with some focused on San Diego county*.

Obamacare Facts breaks down the most important clauses of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. You can read more (click here) on the Wikipedia page for more details.

Thug Kitchen – beware: excessive profanity whilst prepping healthy fruit/veggies

Zoc Doc is a searchable provider database of the nearest physicians, dentists, acupuncturists, etc. complete with profile pics and full listings for each specialist.

UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic has the best page I’ve seen regarding any kind of health care service so far

2-1-1 San Diego is not just a confidential phone hotline for any kind of medical problem, they also have a large  database specific to San Diego and work with the San Diego Office of Emergency Services and other public departments.

County Medical Services (CMS) is a government program for under-insured adults

Family Health Care Centers of San Diego has low-income clinics across the county. Call their main number 619-515-2300 and they will refer you to the one nearest you.

Low-Income Clinics (Dental Providers), easy to read chart from the San Diego Dental Society

Council of Community Clinics has a complete listing for clinics that service individuals from Native American tribes or Spanish-speakers (for example).

Mental Health and Behavioral Support from Its Up 2

San Diego Health Fairs  creates seminars, workshops, screenings and other events for health and wellness.

*This list is for information purposes only and is not a sponsored message of any sort. It is for the exploration and discovery of potential ways individuals can maintain active and healthy lifestyles. Please contact the website directly for further questions or inquiries.

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