We’re proud to announce we’ll be hiring interns!

Upcoming fall and spring community events requires a positive, open-minded go-getter to support various online and print campaigns. This person must be highly organized, feel urgency with deadlines and event dates, and be open to contributing to growing real-world skill sets outside the text books. The candidate may have little or no experience, and will be fully mentored into an area of focus that serves his or her future career goals.

Here is some experience the candidate may have a focus on, or would like to work towards:

  • Market Research Coordinator- collect market data, estimate market size, consult local associations, read survey studies, provide user demographics for reporting
  • Communications Specialist – the wordsmith, creative writer, or those in training for Email Marketing or Blogging
  • Media Relations Coordinator – this person must love broadcast media, have a pulse on current news, and be very relationship oriented in order to succeed with Big Media.
  • Social Media Coordinator – Helps manage all social media accounts, brainstorm creative posts, and find viral content; provide location-based marketing and engage with live audiences at popular community events
  • Web/Interactive Designer – need for someone needing to expand their corporate portfolio and showcase more of their branding and user-based experiences.

Basic Requirements, Duties

  •  Spend 10-20 hours weekly to fulfill needs of the assigned marketing campaigns
  •  Take initiative to communicate and deliver your portion or support of the sales strategy which includes a mix of sponsorship, services and ticket sales goals
  •  Be fluent in Google-based products and managing projects online
  •  Have a valid driver’s license and own car (for tax/mileage purposes)
  •  Cell phone must be working, available for making local phone calls, and equipped for social media applications as needed
  •  International students OK to apply
  •  Support functions lìmited to the needs of our reputable partners including the Little Saigon Foundation ( and Three Treasures Cultural Arts Society (

Internship Benefits

  •  Personal Development Plan facilitates life AND career goals
  •  Mentorship, Professional Connects — 1 hour per month with an working industry professional
  •  Job Training and Interview Preparation — match your ideal job description with solid skills
  •  Flexible work schedule (choose between 10 and 15 hours a week)
  •  Mobile meetings throughout San Diego (no stuffy offices unless required; cafepreneurs unite!)
  •  Association Referrals — begin networking in designated associations to build your social worth
  •  1 LinkedIn Recommendation
  •  1 Handwritten Recommendation Letter, Online Copy Provided
  •  Potential promotion to contractor or Assistant-level position

Send an email reply with the following:
1. In one sentence, your 1 year career goal. i.e. “At the end of 2013, I will be ________.”
2. Favorite motto or phrase
3. Completed LinkedIn profile, or attach Resume in PDF w/Contact information

Email Queena at or call 619-630-7086.

Little Saigon Foundation is hiring a Community Organizer

My incredible friends at the Little Saigon Foundation are hiring, check it out!


Little Saigon San Diego Foundation

Job Posting

Little Saigon San Diego Foundation is seeking a few high-caliber individuals to coordinate a Community Needs Assessment Survey. The survey will gather input from community members in order to facilitate the creation of appropriate services “designed by the community for the community”.

PAID Short-term Vietnamese Community Organizing

PAID Short-term PT/FT Vietnamese Community Organizing for Community Needs Assessment Survey

Job Description

The LITTLE SAIGON FOUNDATION OF SAN DIEGO is looking for a few high caliber Vietnamese individuals with strong organizational leadership experience to coordinate several community service and outreach projects for the Fall of 2013.

Position: Community Organizer

Term: October – March, 2014 (projects may extend beyond this term)

Pay: $1,500 to $4,000 depending on experience, merit, actual work load.


• *Fully Bi-lingual in English/Vietnamese: Read/Write/Speak both languages (*please do not apply if you do not have this language requirement. Thank you)

• Leadership Experience in Community or Student Organizations.

• Able to recruit, manage volunteers

• Great writing and verbal communication skills

• Work well with people

• Outgoing, adventurous, willing to dive into new experiences

• Goal-oriented and result-driven

• Access to reliable transportation

• Flexible hours including nights and weekends

• Comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

Individuals of the following disciplines are encouraged to apply: business management, law, social work, social justice, psychology, public health, ethnic studies, and other general social sciences.


Duties includes but are not limited to:

• Coordinate a Community Survey to address the needs of Residents, Business, and City Heights Youths

• Recruit and Manage volunteers

• Outreach and recruit community members to meetings

• Coordinate and facilitate Community Meetings

• Speak in front of community meetings

How to Apply

1. Send resume, cover letters, and leadership assessment (all documents in PDF format)

2. *Cover Letters: one in English, one in Vietnamese (500 words max for each).

3. Complete the Leadership Assessment by clicking here. (Scan to PDF and submit along with cover letters and resume)

o Approach Residents on the street to obtain survey responses

o Meet Business Owners in Little Saigon District to obtain survey responses

Little Saigon San Diego Foundation Job Posting

Contact Fax to: Email Inquiries to:

Frank Vuong (619) 599-0733


Medical products go mobile, and getting a finger read

The iPhone has exemplified the many capabilities of working on smaller devices, and changing the way users interact with user interfaces to service their customers. The biggest trend now for mobile apps has exploded in healthcare, and I’m so glad it has! Everything from medical records, body scans, and even financial reporting has a beta version available for mobile devices. I had watched this video about iDoctor, which really shows the full range of a mobile device. I am still amazed at the power of the phone to sense such minuscule body vibrations and send accurate data to a wireless SaaS.

Recently I went in for a checkup myself and had my own encounter with a new medical technology: the finger pulse oximeter. While the nurse was noting my vital signs, she took a little black clip that looked like mom’s sunglasses-holder visor clip and placed it on my fore finger. Aside from pressure above the nail and below the finger pad, I felt nothing. Staring at the screen, a spark of curiosity arose from the yellow two-digit number (for heart rate) and the mini-equalizer moving about the tiny 2 centimeter-wide dashboard. It made me wonder, how accurate would this be if I started shaking my pointer at the her? More so I was curious about how the device worked, and what the circuit board inside was like to produce such colorful readings. one of my personal pet peeves is when your healthcare professional comes into your personal space, does a test here or there, and leaves you with no useful or transparent information. This device alleviates the need for a professional use multiple devices on you for your body statistics. I love it!

Finger Pulse Oximeter 

In less than a minute she jotted down my bpm, bp, and other quick notes before backing away into the hallway.  The visit left me expecting something more, although it was nice to have a few minutes of my own quiet time before greeting the doctor. From the patient’s perspective, could this generate any fear or angst, instead of intrigue like my own? Perhaps there are patients who dread the entire intake process and deal with the doctor’s office experience with his/her aversive head turned the other way.

As this blog evolves it will be a continual discussion of pespective, heavily focused on the customer’s natural reactions or tendencies to healthcare offerings without the emphasis on being sold/served what’s good for them. For many businesses in this industry, the value is there. The trick is how to pinpoint the best source for educating users in choosing what’s right for them.